The Song of Teng – Part Two

  Song Teng estimates that he cooked under eighteen French chefs during his formative years at the Cambodiana Hotel. Some stayed the full one year term, many left a lot ...

The Song of Teng – Part One

  At night his family would dig a hole in the ground, then they would all climb in and attempt to go to sleep -essential bedding arrangements to avoid stray ...

Old Spice – Part One

  When the three of us arrived to pick up Mark 1, we were excited and eager to be on our way to the adventure ahead, only to find him ...


A Bordeaux Tasting April 2014

  Have spent the past two evenings tasting the latest Bordeaux shipment ...

Lost & Found

  Small, urban dining rooms are becoming incredibly fashionable in large capital ...

Dinner with the League of Extraordinary Gentleman

  Dinner with dear friends last night, a veritable League of Extraordinary ...

Give Pais a Chance

Pais is an oft forgotten but still widely planted red grape variety ...

La Boheme – Act 4

  Rebirth of a Wine Region The Yarra Valley wine region is ...

When We Were Kings

  Otres, stretched out on a quiet beach, forced to lie there ...

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Dear Saint Valentine

Each year, on the 14th of February we celebrate Valentine’s Day and each year we are challenged to find that ‘just-right’ way to say I love you to that certain ‘special’ someone in our lives. Many say it with flowers, some prefer chocolates, others a romantic dinner in a favourite restaurant, perhaps some perfume, lingerie […]

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La Boheme – Act 3

  Obituary: Sydney Morning Herald, 24 February 1931 (extract) Dame Nellie Melba, famous for more than 40 years as the greatest singer of the lyric stage of her generation, and as one of the most distinguished of Australians, died yesterday at 4.40 p.m. at St. Vincent’s private hospital, Sydney, where she had been a patient […]

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Armand’s Bistro

Armand’s Bistro -in the words of its inimitable owner, Khmer born, French raised, Armand Gebrié- is a simple French Bistro. Perhaps Gebrié felt he’d earned some simplicity, to date he has managed a rather adventurous life, at times complicated -anything but simple. As Author Clive Graham-Ranger noted, “Cambodian-born Armand Gerbie’s life and loves read like […]

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    Piedmont The Piedmont region in the North West corner of Italy is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, bordering the countries of France and Switzerland. The region is largely made up of mountains and hills, the soils are ancient marl and sandstone, the ripening season is characterized by the seasonal Autumn fog, […]

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